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Enhance your kitchen with scented candles

The best candles to light in a kitchen


Cinnamon Bark by M. Baker

The refreshing fragrance that is both sweet and spicy at the same time bringing the inspiration to cook. The scent of cinnamon bark along with the citrusy note of sliced orange peel bring magic to your kitchen. Light this jar candle when you’ve already had a long day and are in want of some energy to whip up something tasty.


Is “the joy of cooking” a phrase you can’t relate with? Or are you the amateur chef who’d choose to spend over half your waking hours in the kitchen? For both parties, and everyone in between, there’s a way to make the time you spend in your kitchen more delightful. We have a list of scented candles that we love lighting in the kitchen.

Grapefruit Classis by Pop of Color

The subtle fragrance of the Grapefruit Classis wafting about in your kitchen gives you the stress-free atmosphere you’re looking for when you want to cook a big meal. Try this 3-wick candle to fill your kitchen with its ruby grapefruit, cassis berries and blackcurrant scents.Text